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    Who are we?

    Federation Sanhe (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is a leading enterprise in Fujian province for dyeing and functional casual fabrics of high-end garments. It has eight subsidiaries and a joint venture, and has set up offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. It set up a research and development team, mastered functional fabric, development technology of garment dyeing and industrialization technology, and continued to learn. Group products sell well-known around domestic men's wear, sports, underwear, home textile, and other first-class enterprises, as well as foreign Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Turkey and other countries and regions, has formed a whole industry chain textile and clothing enterprise group collected textile clothing R & D, weaving, dyeing, clothing, clothing production and garment finishing.
    Federation Sanhe has successively become the National Garment Dyeing Product Development Base, the top 500 Enterprises of China's Textile and Clothing Enterprises, the Winning Unit of National Textile Product Development Contribution Award, The Model Unit of National Textile Industry Quality Management, the AAA Grade Credit Enterprise of Chinese Textile Industry, the First Starting Unit of "Cool Woven Fabric " of the Local Standard of Fujian Province, the Quanzhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, the Famous Trademark of Fujian Province, the Tag Demonstration Unit of Chinese Popular Fabric, the Chinese Popular Fabric Shortlisted Enterprise, the Chinese Popular Color Association Group Member, China Professional Clothing Association Member Unit, the Member Unit of American Cotton Company, successively passed ISO 9001. ISO14001, Oeko-tex100 certification.
    Fedeartion Sanhe have been dedicated to the introduction of high-end products. Through R & D, innovation, cooperation, integration, constantly launch more low-carbon environmental protection, higher quality, more high-end products. Facing the current upgrading situation of the textile industry in China, combining the historical development track of the textile and clothing industry, constantly breaking through the innovation, constantly giving the new high-tech elements and environmental protection demands to the fabric, actively facing the industrial transformation and upgrading, forwardly seeking and creating industrial transformation opportunities, and constantly optimizing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Corporate Culture corporate culture

  • Creating value for customers

    Together with upstream suppliers and customers, Federation Sanhe is connected to a large population at home and abroad. Federation Sanhe works together with partners to provide healthy, outstanding, comfortable and safe high-end fabric to the whole society and promote the digital transformation of the textile industry; to provide stable and reliable, safe and credible and sustainable evolution of fabric supply services to customers. The cutting-edge fabric of Federation Sanhe is helping people enjoy a high-quality leisure life and a healthy experience.

  • Promoting the benign development of industry

    Federation Sanhe advocates opening up, cooperation, win-win, cooperation with customer, partners and friend dealers to innovate and expand industrial value, form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. At present, Federation Sanhe has nine patent inventions, and actively participates in and supports the formulation of textile mainstream standards and the construction of a win-win textile ecosphere. We are oriented to intelligent manufacturing, ecological textile and other emerging hot areas, division of labor and cooperation with industry partners to promote the sustainable and benign development of the industry.

  • Economic Growth

    Federation Sanhe not only contributes directly to the region's tax revenue, promotes local employment and forms an industrial chain-driven effect, but also creates an ecological impact on textiles through the proprietary intellectual property rights of fibers and fabrics, promotes economic growth and the quality of life and well-being of people.

  • Promoting Social Sustainable Development

    As a responsible corporate citizen, Federation Sanhe is committed to slaking the textile gap, there are the figure of Sanhe in Chinese earthquake and other major disaster scenes; We actively propel green, low-carbon environmental concept, from product planning, design, R & D, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales, Federation Sanhe to provide customers with leading textile products; To help and train local textile professionals, promotes knowledge transfer, enhance people's understanding and interest in the textile industry, and encourage government and cutting-edge personnel to participate in the work of textile ecology.

  • Stage for the Strivers

    By insisting on "taking the strivers as the basis" and evaluating the staff and selecting the cadres with the responsibility contribution, Federation Sanhe has provided a broad development platform for the staff and the opportunity for dialogue with the textile industry, provided a large number of young people with the opportunity to shoulder the heavy responsibilities and grow rapidly, and made the staff gain reasonable rewards and a life experience worth remembering through their individual efforts.

  • For more than 20 years, Federation Sanhe has insisted on gathering in the main channel to resist all temptations; insisted on not taking shortcuts and refusing opportunism, steadfast and long-term investment, accumulate richly and break forth vastly; insisted on customer-centered, strive-oriented, long-term struggle arduously and adhere to self-criticism.

  • With the accelerated integration of textile technology and advanced equipment, technology characterized by intelligent manufacturing is becoming the core technology to lead and promote the innovation and development of textile industry. New technological innovation not only reconstructs the textile industry in all directions, but also brings great business development opportunities through benign competition and industrial integration. To adapt to this revolutionary change, Federation Sanhe continued to innovate around the needs of customers and technology, working with well-known colleges and scholars to focus on the construction of a future-oriented textile pipeline, dedicated to building a better new textile world, and continue to create value for customers and the whole society. We strive to become a strategic partner of clothing customers facing the future transformation, become a fabric supplier for the leading clothing enterprise, become a consumer favorite and trusting, the world-leading textile fabric brand.

  • Federation Sanhe has strengthened strategic cooperation with domestic first-line brand clothing enterprises, well-known colleges, additive giants and other partners. By the end of 2018, Federation Sanhe has established strategic partnership with leading domestic brand clothing enterprises and well-known colleges such as JOEONE, GXG, LILANZ, SEPTWOLVES, HEILANHOME, k-boxing, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xi'an Polytechnic University, Taiwan Feng Chia University, Tiangong University, etc., working together to enhance the new future of textile industry and accelerate the process of global textile industry intelligentize and ecologicalization.

  • Quality Policy of Federation Sanhe

    1, Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of the survival of the Federal Sanhe, is the reasons of customer choosing Federation Sanhe;
    2, We deliver customer requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of the Federation Sanhe to build quality together;
    3, We respect the rules and procedures and do things right at a Date; we give play to our staffs’ potential and continuous improve;
    4, We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks, respond quickly to customer needs and achieve sustainable development.
    5, Federation Sanhe promises to provide customers with high-quality products and services, and constantly let the customer experience the value we are committed to creating for each customer.

  • Quality Living System

    Development History development history

  • Date:1997/10 Federation Fabric established in Yuanyangchi Commercial Center, shishi City, Fujian Province.
    Date:2000/06 Renamed Shishi City Federation Sanhe Textile Trading Co., Ltd.
    Date:2004/03 Establishment of Golon Garment Accessories Hong
    Date:2007/05 Establishment of Shishi Fuhua Clothing Co., Ltd
    Date:2009/04 Federation Sanhe headquarters cum Guanhe Clothing co., ltd.
    Date:2009/08 Company name changed to Fujian Federation Sanhe Textile Trade Co., Ltd.
    Date:2010/09 The company is shortlisted for China's top 500 textile and clothing companies and ranked 248.
    Date:2010/11 Establishing Crown (Shanghai) Import and Export Co., Ltd
    Date:2011/11 Received "Chinese top 10 Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry Competitiveness in 2010-2011 "
    Date:2012/07 Company’s name changed to Federation Sanhe (Fujian) Co., Ltd., and completed the shareholding reform.
    Date:2013/04 The company's enterprise technology center was recognized as the sixth batch of municipal enterprise technology center in Quanzhou by the Quanzhou municipal government.
    Date:2013/12 To reach an agreement with Xi'an Polytechnic University, for the establishment of Xi'an Polytechnic University federation Sanhe postgraduate practice base, postgraduate practice base, employment base, expert workstation.
    Date:2014/08 Established Taichi Stone Co., Ltd.
    Date:2015/04 Named "National Textile Development Base" by China National Textile And Apparel Council.
    Date:2018/11 Federation Sanhe was awarded “ China Textile Quality Management Innovation Award in 2018” by China National Textile And Apparel Council and the China Textile Information Center.
  • Enterprise Honor Enterprise Honor

  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
  • 产品开发贡献奖 公司企业技术中心被泉州市政府确认为泉州市第六批市级企业技术中心
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