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    Talent strategy is an important policy for enterprise reform and development, talent determines the future and destiny of the enterprise, industry and region, the core content of market competition is the competition of talents, and realize the new breakthrough of human resource development and management mode is the only way for modern enterprises to reform and develop, the company's talent strategy is: reserve talent, value talent, cultivate talent and use talent.

    The establishment of a Talent Reserve Information System and Personnel Training Promotion System is the premise of rational use of talent, and create reasonable employment and incentive system, gather all kinds of professional technology and management talents used by the company from the society and the company, so that they can show their talents on the big stage of the company and realize their own value, so as to enhance the efficiency and management upgrade of the company.

    The company innovates the incentive mechanism, establishing and improving systems such as technological innovation, to strengthens the staff training, listening to the staff to the company's suggestion and the opinion, dares to promote and reuse the ordinary staff, and creates a perfect working environment.
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