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    since 1997 About Us

    Federation Sanhe (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is a leading enterprise in Fujian province for dyeing and functional casual fabrics of high-end garments. It has eight subsidiaries and a joint venture, and has set up offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. It set up a research and development team, mastered functional ...

  • Quality Living System Federation Sanhe (Fujian) Co., Ltd.

  • Value Proposition

    ith the accelerated integration of textile technology and advanced equipment, technology characterized by intelligent manufacturing is becoming the core technology to lead and promote the innovation and development of textile industry.

  • Promoting the benign development of industry

    Federation Sanhe advocates opening up, cooperation, win-win, cooperation with customer, partners and friend dealers to innovate and expand industrial value, form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem.

  • Economic Growth

    Federation Sanhe not only contributes directly to the region's tax revenue, promotes local employment and forms an industrial chain-driven effect, but also creates an ecological impact on textiles through the proprietary intellectual property rights of fibers and fabrics...

  • Promoting Social Sustainable Development

    As a responsible corporate citizen, Federation Sanhe is committed to slaking the textile gap, there are the figure of Sanhe in Chinese earthquake and other major disaster scenes...

  • Stage for the Strivers

    By insisting on "taking the strivers as the basis" and evaluating the staff and selecting the cadres with the responsibility contribution, Federation Sanhe has provided a broad development platform for the staff and the opportunity for dialogue with the textile...

  • P roduct Presentation
    Light Luxury Color Textile/Functional Fabric/Garment Dyeing/Classic Cotton/Fashion Knitting
  • Light Luxury Color Textile
  • Functional Fabric
  • Garment Dyeing
  • Classic Cotton
  • Fashion Knitting
  • Classic series

    Gentleman style, dare to outstanding, Man, it's just for the better,
    The perfect fusion of exquisitely crafted colored spinning fabric and exquisitely cut, To create a better quality be a elegant level in line with the current elite men in the workplace.

  • Four main functions and two characteristics of Taichi stone fiber

    1.Enhancing Human Micro-circulation       2.Improving sleep quality
    3.Excellent UV resistance factor            4.Good natural antibacterial function
    Characteristic one, stability, function is still continuous after 50 times washing;
    Characteristic two, safety is closely related to your health

  • Excellent technology

    Standardization, specialization, intelligence, can give the dress bright and moving color, Make sure that garments dyed in jeans, jackets, sportswear and casual clothes will offer special effects.

  • Excellent technology

    用Cloth made of high quality cotton yarn. Classic cotton fabric has the characteristics of soft and comfortable, warm, moisture absorption, strong air permeability, easy dyeing and finishing, etc. Because of its natural characteristics, it has been recognized by the market and industry...

  • Excellent technology

    From raw materials to finished products, Cotton we choose plush cotton, pima cotton, organic cotton and so on, textile chemicals we choose Huntsmay and natural pigments and chemical additives for degradation. Provide environmental protection anti-counterfeiting tag, and promise quality service.

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